It’s best to try until you find what suits you, even if it’s seemed unconventional and deviates for the norm, it could land you in a great place.

University is not the only option, other paths can be successful.

Do something you love and not something you are told to do.

Keep striving to achieve your goals.

Do what you enjoy.

Never shy away from discomfort or disapproval.

Be confident and different.

Without failure, you can’t reach success. You must fail to become better at something and grow as a person. Conquering your fear is the fastest part of growth. Never fear to fail, because somewhere along the line success is near.

Be confident when talking to people, failure doesn’t mean the end of the world and work hard always.

That you have to accept and make mistakes before you can achieve what you want to achieve, and that there isn’t just one path to take in life.

Asking questions is beneficial and you shouldn’t be afraid to do so because if you don’t ask you wouldn’t get anywhere.

I’m very grateful to have met you all, I feel very lucky and inspired. P.S! Steve’s speech was top!

Mr. Bartlett was very entertaining and inspirational

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